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 A Unique Historical Society Celebrating the History of Wellsville, KS

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The Wellsville Historical Society needs your help to celebrate and preserve our rich local history. We always welcome assistance through memberships, volunteering,
or donations.


Contact us right away to learn how you can become involved with our society. With your help, we can preserve our city's extraordinary history for future generations to learn
and enjoy.

Additional Info

We have recently purchased a new building—the Wellsville Bank (originally built in 1886)—and have received a grant to restore the building.

About the Wellsville Historical Society

Discover the rich history of Wellsville, Kansas, by supporting the Wellsville Historical Society. We invite you to help preserve, present, and promote all that makes our city so unique. Our organization, which has been around for more than five years, recognizes the individuals and families who have helped shape our community, as well as displays the history of those who have lived here from the very beginning. Our society is a member of the Wellsville Chamber of Commerce.

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Contact our historical society in Wellsville, Kansas, at (844) 778-4910 to volunteer or make a donation today.